Ecological Drilling Fluid Technology

Clear Solutions is a market leading, UK-based manufacturer of unique, high performance, environmentally friendly, innovative drilling fluid technologies, supplying the global market. With in-house R&D and laboratory support, Clear Solutions is a trusted and proven ecological drilling fluids developer.

Clear Solutions products and fluid systems have been specifically developed to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of traditional oil and gas applications. Pure-Bore® technology is an enabler for renewable energy projects, such as deep and close-loop geothermal power, offshore and onshore wind power and emerging energy sources.



Pure-Bore® drilling fluids technology is truly unique in it’s
ability to reduce fluids and waste costs whilst improving
drilling performance and enhancing reservoir protection.

Pure-Bore® Cost Savings

Drilling fluid cost
reduced by


Total waste cost
reduced by


Total project
cost saving


ROP drilling
performance improvements


“It’s now our corporate policy to use the Clear Solutions International Ltd, Pure-Bore®/Pure-Bore® LV/UltraBore® for all Kimmeridge wells throughout the full well section. It’s the way to go as it’s; essentially zero environmental hazard, particularly within the groundwater zone. It’s worked out cheaper than other WBM, the waste is cheaper and easier to handle vs OBM, it behaves very well in the hole, it’s British made plus the Clear Solutions team have been easy and helpful to deal with.”

Stephen Sanderson – UKOG PLC


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