Clear Solutions – Performance drilling products the earth can trust

Established in 2003, Clear Solutions is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of unique, market leading, high performance, environmentally friendly, innovative drilling fluid technologies and equipment.

The company has invested heavily in R & D in its early years to establish its new generation, ultra high performance and unique drilling fluid technologies. We have a proven track record for superior quality, exceptional performance and reliable customer service within the UK market place. Having successfully supplied 58% of the UK onshore drilling market in the last 3 years, Clear Solutions have established itself as the UK’s leading independent drilling fluid technologies service provider.

The company’s technologies and the unique performance benefits associated with their use is now proven and trusted. The company is now rapidly expanding internationally, partnering with highly experienced independent regional service companies across the globe, ensuring end users internationally who utilise the company’s technologies receive the highest levels of customer service whilst also benefitting from:

  • World Record Breaking Performance
  • Significant Project Cost Savings
  • Exceptionally Reduced Non-Productive Time
  • Unparalleled Ecological Benefits
  • Major Health and Safety Benefits



Pure-Bore® is a highly advanced proven fluid technology which delivers extremely exceptional results. We have used the very latest developments in nano technology to create Pure-Bore® from natural material, creating an ecologically friendly drilling fluid technology with revolutionary rheological shale encapsulation properties.

Pure-Bore® nano-particles are unique in their ability to inter-react with each other, providing very low ECDs, optimised hydraulic horse power at the bit and superior hole cleaning particularly in large diameter and long lateral sections.

Pure-Bore® nano-particles form a very effective biodegradable non-invasive slick filter cake which effectively stabilises high permeability formations. The Pure-Bore® nano structure within the mud system generates exceptional lubricity and shale stability, optimising ROPs whilst minimising torque and drag.

Pure-Bore® is the only single component drilling fluid with the ability to create a filter cake on its own in clean fresh water. The revolutionary nano-particles interact highly effectively with the drill solids to further reduce fluid loss and optimise reservoir protection.

Pure-Bore® is an easy to use drilling fluid that is rapid mixing, highly stable, non-hazardous product which effectively copes with a wide range of contaminants including cement.

Pure-Bore® has been used to successfully drill millions of feet of challenging formation types around the world.

In summary Pure-Bore® is a highly effective, ultra high performance mud system which can be used to drill the entire well, significantly improving drilling rates and well productivity whilst reducing non-productive time, mud usage, waste disposal and displacement costs, whilst also protecting the environment.


  • Introduction

    In the last 10 years Clear Solutions have developed drilling fluid technology which is world leading. Having supplied the majority of the UK onshore oil and gas market its fluid systems are now revolutionising drilling rates and productivity across other regions of the world.

  • 2014

    Pure-Bore® launched into the Australian CSG market, USA shale gas market, European onshore oil and gas market and Russian conventional oil and gas market.

    Successful supply of Pure-Bore® drilling fluid and Clear Solutions completion fluids to 78% of the UK unconventional gas operations.

    Develop and launch Well-Stab™ for use within the Pure-Bore® drilling fluid system – creating the ultimate low invasion drilling fluid for the successful control and stabilisation of tectonically stressed formations.

  • 2013

    Clear Solutions awarded ISO14001 certification for environmental compliance.

    The latest nano-chemistry utilised to further develop Pure-Bore® resulting in the production of Pure-Bore® Plus with ultra high performance properties for the successful drilling of high angle deep wells.

    Successfully complete the Airth SIS well, drilling over 4,000 metres laterally through the coal seams with Pure-Bore® drilling fluid, achieving significant performance benefits including; higher ROP’s, reduced non-productive time, lower risk, easier mud management, lower project costs, greater borehole stability, reduced mud losses, improved well evaluation and excellent reservoir production.

    Successful launch of Pure-Bore® drilling fluid into Australian water, mineral exploration and horizontal directional drilling markets.

  • 2012

    Clear Solutions design, build and successfully test the first Clear Shaker 1200, achieving superior cuttings removal and fluid conductance at ultra high G-force.

    Clear Solutions successfully design, build and run the first Ultra Clean 600 sand the Ultra Clean 1000 drilling fluid mixing and recycling units.

    Launch Pure-Bore® into the mineral exploration market supplying complex drilling projects in Africa, which couldn’t be drilled effectively with any other fluid system.

    Pure-Bore® drilling fluid system successfully used to drill the initial Airth production wells and numerous other onshore UK wells.

  • 2011

    Become a major supplier of Pure-Bore® drilling fluid technology into the UK shale sector, servicing more wells than any other service provider. Clear Solutions remains the market leader in this field having drilled more footage through UK shale than any other service company.

    Establish Pure-Bore® drilling fluid and Geoseal grouting products within the UK onshore Geothermal market by successfully supplying projects for companies such as Sainsburys.

    Clear Solutions successfully supply Pure-Bore® slurry for the successful installation of large diameter piles and diaphragm walls through totally unconsolidated sand and ballast on the London cross rail project.

    Design, manufacture and built the first grout mixing and pumping system.

    The Ultra Clean 1500 system designed built and manufacture by Clear Solutions.

  • 2010

    Enter UK Shale Gas Sector successfully supplying companies such as Cuadrilla Resources and IGas.

    Successfully supply world record HDD crossing across the Solent, drilling a 23 inch open hole 3,900 metres through highly reactive clay and totally unconsolidated sand.

    Launched the manufacture and supply of Clear Solutions range of mud mixing and cleaning equipment.

    Design, manufacture and build the first Ultra Clean 5000 system, providing contractors with the potential to mix and recycle 5,000litres of high viscosity drilling fluid every minute achieving a D50 cut point of just 20 microns.

  • 2009

    Clear Solutions awarded ISO9001 quality certification.

    Enter the UK coal bed methane drilling market, conducting 100% of coal-bed methane drilling with Pure-Bore® drilling fluid for Composite Energy.

  • 2008

    Successfully supply world record HDD crossing through hard rock underneath Milford Haven drilling 3,000 metre by 26 inch diameter open hole.

    Provide the drilling fluids on a number of demanding large diameter, long distance (1,000-2,000 metres) HDD projects in South Wales.

  • 2007

    Clear Solutions successfully provide drilling fluids engineering hole openers and centrifuge processing for the installation of a 500 metre by 1.5metre diametre open hole through hard and abrasive sandstone.

    Clear Solutions provide drilling fluids for the test drilling to evaluate the potential to install a gas pipe line under Milford Haven. This involved drilling a 16 inch diameter pilot hole, 1,944 metre hole horizontally under Milford Haven through the ritic (a major regional fort plain).

    Launch Pure-Bore® products into the water well site investigation and geothermal markets in the UK with numerous successful projects undertaken.

  • 2003

    Clear Solutions founded.

    R & D phase begins during which time significant investments were made to fully develop Pure-Bore® drilling fluid using the latest innovations in nano technology.