We’re pleased to announce that Peter Turner has joined Clear Solutions’ Advisory Board to give guidance on the use and further development of Clear Solutions’ advanced drilling fluid systems for UK Bowland Shales.
Peter said: “I recognise from past experience that the success of drilling in the Bowland Shale relies on the selection of the best available technologies and Clear Solutions has proven that it’s unique Pure-Bore® advanced water based fluid technology holds significant potential in this field.
James Mansell, director of Clear Solutions and inventor of Pure-Bore®, said: “I welcome Peter to our Advisory Board, he has extensive experience of the drilling challenges in the Bowland Shale; both at an academic and practical level. His contribution will form a key part in the future development of our products”.
Shale, shales, drilling, drilling fluids

This week the Clear Solutions team have been on a field trip to the Bowland basin in North West England. The Bowland basin contains a large continuous gas resource and forms the key part of the carboniferous Pennine petroleum system.
The Clear Solutions team had been to look at the stratigraphy, lithologies and structural features of the surface out crops which are direct analogues of the sections drilled by Cuadrilla.
Emphasis the features and geology are being evaluated by Clear Solutions to ensure that operators get optimum drilling performance on future exploration/development work.

Shales, shale, drilling, drilling fluid
Shales, shale, drilling, drilling fluid


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