Marc Eigner

Commercial Director
Area: ASIA, NAM and MEA
Marc Bio
Marc joined Clear Solutions early in 2017 with strategic responsibility for growing and further developing the business. With 17 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry, Marc has worked his way up from drilling fluids field engineering, through various senior management positions within Schlumberger, (including operations manager roles and supply chain management roles) ultimately taking on strategic responsibility for a $1.1billion inventory.  Marc is an organised, detailed and self driven, team motivator who also speaks fluent English, Dutch and German.

Oliver Kuchar

Europe, Russia and CIS Manager
Area: Europe, Russia and CIS
Oliver Bio
Oliver joined Clear Solutions as the Continental Europe Manager in January 2016 with responsibility for developing Pure-Bore sales within this important strategic market. His background is in mechanical engineering and he has over 20 years experience in the drilling industry, including extensive oil and gas drilling fluids and solids control engineering knowledge. Oliver has worked his way up though the industry to become country manager for Halliburton-Baroid in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and then Managing Director of AMC Europe, before joining Clear Solutions.

Nelson Alfonzo

LAM and Mexico Manager
Area: LAM and Mexico
Nelson Bio
Nelson Alfonzo has recently the joined Clear Solutions, in the position of LAM Manager. He started his career in Venezuela with a major global oilfield service company in 1996, as a field engineer followed by covering positions such as project manager, marketing and operational manager during his posts he worked with major international clients, the national oil company and local companies.

Bob Kelly

UK, Norway and Technical Manager
Area: UK (On & Offshore) and Norway
Bob Bio
Bob joined Clear Solutions in 2018 as Technical Service Manager. Bob has vast experience in the drillings fluids industry. The most unusual project Bob worked on was to design a fluid that could perform in the cold deep of the Andaman Trench while at the same time cope with the temperatures generated by drilling down to the Earth’s Upper Mantle!