Speciality Products

At Clear Solutions we pride ourselves on the speciality products that we offer. We have developed a line of speciality technologies to support your drilling operation.

Clear-Inhib™ Plus

Highly effective shale inhibitor, which does not require the addition of potassium chloride.

Clear-Inhib™ Plus is designed to effectively control formations which contain swelling and reactive smectite or mixed layer illite/smectite clays. Clear-Inhib™ Plus does not contain or require KCL or other salts to achieve optimum levels of shale inhibition.

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Well-Stab™ is an ultra-low invasion additive that protects the formation by minimising fluid and pressure invasion into pores and micro-fractures.

By forming a low permeability seal, Well-Stab™ limits the transmission of wellbore pressure to the matrix, minimising formation breakdown and preventing fracture propagation, and restricts fluid invasion into micro fractures that can destabilise tectonically weak shales.

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Ultrabore® is an ultra high yield, 200-mesh sodium bentonite drilling fluid. It is specially formulated to optimise hole cleaning and maintain borehole integrity in horizontal and high angle drilling applications. When Ultrabore® is mixed in fresh water it develops an exceptional drilling fluid and lubricant for all types of fresh water mud rotary drilling and pipe jacking applications.

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Drill-Sorb® is an advanced, granular super-absorbent material that rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of water from aqueous solutions, developing an effective lost circulation material.

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Clear-Gel™ is a stable, easy mixing biopolymer additive used to control and increase the drilling fluid rheology and provide a high stable gel strength.

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Accessory Chemicals

Exclusively servicing the UK onshore O&G market. The company stocks and provides a wide range of oil field chemicals.


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