Speciality Products

At Clear Solutions we pride ourselves on the speciality products that we offer. We have developed a line of speciality technologies to support your drilling operation.

Clear-Inhib™ Plus

Highly effective shale inhibitor, which does not require the addition of potassium chloride.

Clear-Inhib™ Plus is designed to effectively control formations which contain swelling and reactive smectite or mixed layer illite/smectite clays. Clear-Inhib™ Plus does not contain or require KCL or other salts to achieve optimum levels of shale inhibition.

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Ultrabore® is an ultra high yield, 200-mesh sodium bentonite drilling fluid. It is specially formulated to optimise hole cleaning and maintain borehole integrity in horizontal and high angle drilling applications. When Ultrabore® is mixed in fresh water it develops an exceptional drilling fluid and lubricant for all types of fresh water mud rotary drilling and pipe jacking applications.

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Drill-Sorb® is an advanced, granular super-absorbent material that rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of water from aqueous solutions, developing an effective lost circulation material.

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Clear-Gel™ is a stable, easy mixing biopolymer additive used to control and increase the drilling fluid rheology and provide a high stable gel strength.

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Clear-Stab® ULI

Clear-Stab® ULI is an ultra-low invasion additive that stabilises the formation by minimising fluid and pressure invasion into pores and micro fractures.

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Clear-Stab® 300

Clear-Stab® 300 is a fracture sealing additive combining both the benefits of both fibre and particulate materials to create a product that bridges and seals fracture in a range of demanding environments.

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Clear Solutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

At Clear Solutions International Ltd, during the COVID-19 pandemic it is our priority to keep our employees, their families, customers, and suppliers safe and well. We closely monitor the pandemic situation by following local, national and international health authority guidelines and taking the appropriate measures.

Measures that we have implemented, include additional hygiene facilities for staff, maintaining social distancing within the factory and offices, enabling employees to work from home, avoiding group meetings and using online video conference call tools. These measures allow our teams to continue operations and to follow up with our customers and suppliers on a regular basis.

We continue to follow government guidance and will adapt our actions accordingly. This requires that we do some things differently, and we need to prioritise our activities so that we can continue to provide the services you need.

We value your support and ask for your patience.