La Technologie des Fluides ®Pure-Bore est vraiment unique dans sa capacité à réduire les coûts des liquides et déchets tout en améliorant la performance du forage et en renforcant la protection du réservoir.

Technologies de Fluides de Forage – Clear Solutions

Clear Solutions est un fabricant leader sur le marché, basé en Grande-Bretagne et considéré comme un fournisseur à unique et haute performance, respectueux de l’environnement, avec des technologies de fluides de forage innovantes, alimentant un marché international. Avec un centre de R & D en interne et un laboratoire de soutien, Clear Solutions est devenu un fournisseur des technologies fiables et éprouvées de fluides de forage.

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Clear Solutions during the COVID-19 Pandemic

At Clear Solutions International Ltd, during the COVID-19 pandemic it is our priority to keep our employees, their families, customers, and suppliers safe and well. We closely monitor the pandemic situation by following local, national and international health authority guidelines and taking the appropriate measures.

Measures that we have implemented, include additional hygiene facilities for staff, maintaining social distancing within the factory and offices, enabling employees to work from home, avoiding group meetings and using online video conference call tools. These measures allow our teams to continue operations and to follow up with our customers and suppliers on a regular basis.

We continue to follow government guidance and will adapt our actions accordingly. This requires that we do some things differently, and we need to prioritise our activities so that we can continue to provide the services you need.

We value your support and ask for your patience.